Part-Time Consultant for Building Care Solutions Collaborative

Project Manager, Building Care Solutions, California Quality Collaborative

Contact: Margie Powers, Director, Medically Complex Patients Program, Pacific Business Group on Health at or by phone at 415.225.4787  

Job Description

  • Work with Director to plan and complete Building Care Solutions (BCS) training curriculum
    • Draft learning session meeting agendas, materials and activity guides with input from Director and Lead Clinical Consultant.
    • Finalize meeting materials, and work with Project Coordinator to prepare learning session materials
    • Monitor curriculum to ensure learning session consistency across three collaboratives
    • Work with learning session speakers to create interactive, dynamic presentations, ensuring presentations are submitted on time.
  • Manage external vendor for care coordination training sessions (total of 3 2-day trainings)
    • With Director, meet with selected vendor prior to care coordination training, mapping out timeline and deliverables
    • Meet with vendor after each session to debrief and make changes as needed.
    • Ensure contract is appropriately signed, and contains correct language (especially around intellectual property). Work with Finance on language and budget.
  • Work with Director to create coaching model for BCS
    • Draft coaching model for three types of coaching support: clinical, operational and ROI tool
    • Track participant’s coaching support hours and contacts, providing updates to Director and other coaches on activities and results.
    • Schedule and convene Design Team meetings (teleconferences) and assist in preparation of meeting agendas and materials.
  • Maintain project plan to monitor timelines and deliverables, communicating to internal and external team members regularly about follow-up items and deadlines.
  • Support funder relations, attending monthly meetings with funder and supporting quarterly reporting as needed.
  • Meet weekly with Director, reviewing project progress and raising issues as needed.