Priority Area 3

Systematically increase work based learning (WBL) opportunities in health care for K-16 and health professions students.



  • Map, connect and coordinate regional and sub-regional health pathway initiatives and the associated demand and mechanisms for WBL, including with the Career Pathway Trusts and Community Colleges.


  • Support development of a system/infrastructure to simplify processes for employers to provide opportunities for K-16 students to participate in WBL, including standardization of health clearance.


  • Schedule a session with CEOs and HR to discuss WBL incentives and models that could exist inside institutions and facilitate cultural shifts.


  • Distribute California Hospital Association Tool Work Based Learning Tool Kit and hold forum to discuss how to apply individually and collectively in the East Bay.


  • Identify emerging promising practices to move community colleges and four-year graduates into the health fields using WBL, targeting gaps in the pipeline.